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If you have products or services to advertise, can offer you premium advertising opportunities such as banner advertising, newsletters and page sponsorship or content integration. We can create a campaign to target a specific audience and suit any budget.

Site Placements

Size: 468x60
File Size: 15KB
Creative Type: FLASH or GIF

Expanding Banner
Size: 468x60 -> 468x120
File Size: 20KB
Creative Type: Rich Media

Size: 120x600
File Size: 20KB
Creative Type: FLASH or GIF

Expanding Tower
Size: 120x600 -> 240x600 (expands left)
File Size: 25KB
Creative Type: Rich Media

Homepage Content Clip
Size: 90x60
File Size: 10KB
Creative Type: GIF only
Copy: 90 characters including spaces 

Web design Specialists:

If you need assistance in creating an ad, our Web Designers can offer a quick, cost effective solution to meet your requirements.

We have a team of talented web designers and database engineers, who specialise in banner creation and websites for any business requiring a distinctive Internet presence.

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